• Network and Device Connection Issues Eliminated! No Dropped Sessions, No Lockups.
    Wireless Terminal Emulation Done Right.
    Software Solution Installs in Minutes.
  • A Strategic Plan to Optimize Your WorkforceRecapture Lost Productivity.
    Stay-Linked reconnects to same session/screen following a call or temporary disruption.
  • Device Manufacturers prefer Stay-LinkedRead Stay-Linked Testimonials from Customers, Resellers, and Device Manufacturers.
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The Stay-Linked Way

Effective Delivery of Enterprise Application Mobility

Supported Environments

  • We perform thorough pre-release testing and review to minimize support issues
  • We deliver unparalleled responsiveness to customer inquiries
  • We provide individualized attention to customer feature requests

Maximizing Customer Experiences

  • Centralized configuration management.
  • Familiar Client interface optimized for touch screens.

Software Features

  • Leverages the stability and security of Host to secure all critical data and settings
  • Centralizes management and configuration of software environment
  • Presents simple and intuitive interfaces to remote users and administrators

Guiding Tenets

  • Maintain strong relationships with industry leaders offering complimentary solutions
  • Continue to innovate beyond expectations
  • Remain committed to total customer satisfaction

Thin-Client Terminal Emulation
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Screen Reformatting and Voice
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Stay-Linked Version 12 Release Notification
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